Perspirex Antiperspirant is a seriously reliable antiperspirant. Its clinically proven formulation provides the best protection from sweat for up to five days

Perspirex Antiperspirant


If your antiperspirant doesn’t keep you dry, try something that actually works.

Perspirex antiperspirant gives you Seriously Reliable Protection against excessive sweating and perspiration.

Its perfume-free and non-staining formulation is clinically proven to provide the best antiperspirant protection from sweat and odour on the market.

It’s so effective; one application will provide sweat protection for up to 5 days.


Your Reviews
"I have been using Perspiex for almost 2 years and I can honestly say that you have completely changed my life. I used to suffer from excessive wetness under my arms, perspirex has helped me feel..." Neil ferguson, Belfast

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How does Perspirex work?

Perspirex works by temporarily rendering ineffective the sweat glands. The Aluminium Chloride in Perspirex reacts with the water in the sweat gland and forms a keratin plug in the gland. This little plug causes the sweat gland to go dormant...
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