Perspirex Comfort

Perspirex Comfort

Perspirex Comfort is formulated to provide effective sweat and odour protection while the skin care system ensures an extra good skin feel. Perspirex Comfort is the perfect choice for those who experience occasional heavy sweating.

Perspirex Comfort is water-based and free from perfume.

Skin care system

The skin care system provides extra good comfort to your skin and minimises the irritation that is often associated with extra effective antiperspirants.

Effective sweat and odour protection

Delivers effective sweat reduction, clinically proven through internationally recognised test house. Perspirex Comfort antiperspirant ensures a dry skin feel.

Effective for 2-3 days

Clinically tested by our internationally approved testing house, Perspirex Comfort provides long-lasting protection for 2-3 days.


Alcohol Denat., Aluminum Chloride, Calcium Lactate, Hydroxypropylcellulose, Hydrogenated Castor Oil.

How to use

For the best protection, it is essential you read the instruction booklet that accompanies Perspirex before applying the antiperspirant. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our expert team.

You can also find instructions on our How to use section on the website.

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5 out of 5 37 Review(s)

Judy Harris, Shropshire

5 out of 5

29 Jun 2016

It is absolutely amazing. No more sweating or sweat marks. No matter how much the rest of my body sweats my armpits stay dry. I love it

Helga, London

5 out of 5

29 Jun 2016

As a professional dancer, I'm always performing in front of a large audience. Heaving sweating is just not an option! Thankfully products like Perspirex exist, so I can go on stage with confidence. The new comfort version has the added benefit of reduced irritation, great for me as I move my arms a lot and a red rash also wouldn't look good on stage!

Melissa Mills, West Midlands

5 out of 5

29 Jun 2016

I got to try this for the first time. I must say it's brilliant does its job No more sweating!! A little sticky at first that's probably why they advise you to apply at night. But it's well worth it its been 3 days since I applied it and it's working a treat. It's even shower proof! A little goes a long way only need to apply every 3-5days so well worth the money. Will definitely be purchasing again in the future when I run out. As far as this product goes it's my new best friend! Lol.:)

Sarah Greenwood, London

5 out of 5

29 Jun 2016

Would highly recommend to anyone! Ive only recently starting using and can already notice a difference. I can finally wear whatever I want now. Im normally very self conscious about my sweating but this has really really helped.

lynda kershaw, England

5 out of 5

28 Jun 2016

have been lucky enough to try perspriex comfortable roll on for the insider, .It is so easy to use, You need to apply the roll on the night before and use it about three times per week. You wash it off in the morning and the results are amazing. you continue to use your normal deodorant. your skin stays dry all day, even when it has been so hot and humid. It really does give confidence.


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