Perspirex Strong

Perspirex Strong

Perspirex Strong is specifically developed for men and women with severe perspiration problems and offers 5 days of protection from underarm sweat and odour. It has been formulated with a highly effective complex of active ingredients so that you will not be disturbed even in the most stressful situations and reliably keeps armpit odour under control.

Perspirex Strong is free from perfume.

Superior protection

Thanks to the clinically tested and extra strong anti-sweat deodorant active ingredient formula, the Perspirex anti-perspirant deodorant against heavy sweating for men and women, applied once in the evening for up to 5 days, offers long-lasting and reliable protection against the build-up of sweat and odour, so that you can feel completely comfortable in your skin again.

Effective for 5 days

One application ensures maximum dryness for up to 5 days.


Alcohol Denat., Aluminum Chloride, PEG-12 Dimethicone.

How to use

For the best protection, it is essential you read the instruction booklet that accompanies Perspirex before applying the antiperspirant. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our expert team.

You can also find instructions on our How to use section on the website.

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5 out of 5 36 Review(s)

Rob, Poole

5 out of 5

21 Nov 2017

I have used Perspirex for a while now as I was sweating a lot and my tops were getting ruined from the sweat. It's amazing how it keeps you dry, and you can still use a normal deodorant too.
All I can say is if you suffer from sweaty armpits then this is a must for sure.

sam, UK

5 out of 5

17 Nov 2017

Amazing product, I have tried so many deodorants this is amazing, it gives me so much confidence to wear colours I could never wear before!

Alice Roberts, Southampton

5 out of 5

27 Jun 2017

thank you so much, day one and it's changed my life

Gavin, Whitehaven

5 out of 5

26 May 2017

Great product stops me sweating for about 3 days stopping the fear of the smell test ????????

Jody Lee, Northampton

5 out of 5

09 Apr 2017

I would have sweat patches on shirts. Now i feel more confident


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