Perspirex Comfort

Perspirex Comfort

Perspirex Comfort is formulated to provide effective sweat and odour protection while the skin care system ensures an extra good skin feel. Perspirex Comfort is the perfect choice for those who experience occasional heavy sweating.

Perspirex Comfort is water-based and free from perfume.

Skin care system

The skin care system provides extra good comfort to your skin and minimises the irritation that is often associated with extra effective antiperspirants.

Effective sweat and odour protection

Delivers effective sweat reduction, clinically proven through internationally recognised test house. Perspirex Comfort antiperspirant ensures a dry skin feel.

Effective for 2-3 days

Clinically tested by our internationally approved testing house, Perspirex Comfort provides long-lasting protection for 2-3 days.


Alcohol Denat., Aluminum Chloride, Calcium Lactate, Hydroxypropylcellulose, Hydrogenated Castor Oil.

How to use

For the best protection, it is essential you read the instruction booklet that accompanies Perspirex before applying the antiperspirant. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our expert team.

You can also find instructions on our How to use section on the website.

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5 out of 5 37 Review(s)

Christina Nash, Plymouth

5 out of 5

15 Jul 2016

I have always had a sweaty armpit problem and using Perspirex has given me back some life! It has it's drawbacks- too much does cause itchy irritation, but it's easy to avoid. I just gently use it and find that 2 nights application in a row is enough to protect me for almost a week, without worrying. It is not cheap but will save me money by keeping my clothes unmarked. Won't be changing from Perspirex Comfort anytime soon!

Kyra Jane, Beaminster

5 out of 5

15 Jul 2016

Love this product. Stay dry for days after one use. It's not sticky or greasy and drys quick. Have used other brands and they leak and get everywhere. This doesn't. Will definitely be buying this from now on

Charlotte Everitt, Herts

5 out of 5

15 Jul 2016

As someone who takes dance lessons after work 3 times a week, i'm very conscious of sweat patches and body odor. I also seem to have a shower and as soon as I get out I can start to smell sweat again. This has made me very self conscious as i'm often trying to sniff my under arms when out and about to make sure I don't smell. This product has worked wonders for me, it doesn't irritate my under arms and it completely gets rid of any sweat smell! I love how it gives you protection for a few days and you can use your regular deodorant with it (not that you'd need to). I will absolutely be continuing to use this product, it's given me a lot of confidence back.

Eleanor Chilton, Near Tamworth

5 out of 5

15 Jul 2016

This is the best product I have ever used. It does what it says. I have had amazing results and have never felt so confident.

Dawn Pratt, west midlands

5 out of 5

13 Jul 2016

I have suffered with sweating for a long time. It had gotten to the point where I would need to change my top and wash my armpits halfway though the day. Nothing I tried worked until now.

I put this on at night then washed it off the following morning and was amazed at the results after a full day in a heat wave I was still bone dry and no smelling.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone.


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